Run Leads

We have a fantastic volunteer run lead team who work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that every session is fun whilst pushing you to maximise your potential.

Even though they are volunteers, between them they boast a number of running leadership qualifications and a seemingly never ending pool of knowledge gained from years of experience running, racing and challenging themselves.

Group 1

Mile Pace: 9+ mins
5k Pace: 30+ mins

Group 1 should really be retitled ‘Group Fun!’ Ken & Ali are the absolute experts when it comes to new runners. They are both so welcoming, patient and super supportive making them the ideal run leads for any nervous new runners. Ali is dedicated to bringing on all new runners through the distances and Coach Ken will get you to ‘possible your impossibles’ in no time at all.

Group 2

Mile Pace: 8:40 mins
5k Pace: 27-30 mins

With the queens of the warm up and cool down you are in safe hands! Sarah & Marianne lead Group 2 with lots of encouraging words, plenty of stretching, some yoga poses and crucially lots of post run meet ups. If you need to take your mind of the run just ask Marianne about ParkRun. Go on, I dare you!!

Group 3

Mile Pace: 8 mins
5k Pace: 25-27 mins

If you are looking for variety in your session then Group 3 is the place to be! David T can always be found carrying his bag of tricks to add a little twist to the session and David L is always ready to lead by example giving it 110% every session. This ultra competitive pair work really well together ensuring everyone gets the maximum out of the session.

Group 4

Mile Pace: 7:40 mins
5k Pace: sub 25 mins

Don’t let looks deceive you, this pair can hold their own with the best of them! Mel is a veteran of Dockside having been with the club almost since the beginning and is joined by Laura who is the newest recruit to the run lead team